Getting Started With the Course

Here’s a video guide to this website to help you get started with the Creative Activism Course


Use the #creativact hashtag on twitter, flickr, vimeo etc if you would like to engage and stay up to date with the Creative Activism Community.

Lectures, Workshops and Creative Tasks

During the class we will be developing a number of lecturescreative tasks and workshops exploring the potentials of creative activism. This includes lateral thinking sessions, the development of creative strategies and their fruition into media interventions that will hopefully create an impression, raise awareness and have some kind of impact on an issue you feel strongly about.

The aim is for these tasks to build into a portfolio of work for our participants (which includes using video, web, writing, photography, digital and social media, ambient media and so on) to enable you to connect in a real way to a social, political or cultural issues that you believe in.

Even more importantly though: this project is about you building a network of inspiration and connections to like-minded individuals who you can collaborate with to share experiences, resources, knowledge and skills.

If you have any ideas or you’ve been inspired by a particular artist, activist or project , then please let us know. Even better, if you would like to donate a lecture or talk to the class, then please get in touch.

Aims of the Class

One little person, giving all of her time to peace, makes news. Many people, giving some of their time, can make history. – Peace Pilgrim

This class aims to encourage our community to use their media knowledges and skills to practically address social issues in creative ways. It is an activity-led course- with participants undertaking a series of tasks and challenges alongside the weekly workshops.

Whether it be through raising awareness, creating interventions, or through participating in campaigns, collaborative projects and initiatives this class will situate you right in the heart of an issue that is important to you. Enabling you to consider a number of ways through which you can inform and participate in social and cultural change through grass-roots creative activism.

While undertaking this work we will be exploring the ways in which media, digital media and arts activists have attempted to tackle local, national and global issues while addressing their practical and theoretical possibilities and limitations.

Join Us

The class is open to all, so if you would like to join in then there are a number of ways you can get involved.

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The Creative Activism (#creativact) class is being set up as a collaborative project with its community at its heart, so it is important that our participants have involvement from the start. We’re therefore keen on hearing from people who are interested in contributing to this project in a number of ways.

While we are busy putting our ideas together it would be fantastic to hear from others who share our passion for using media to impact on positive social and cultural change.

Please feel free to comment on our blog and to add your suggestions. Or email p.woodbridge (at) for more information about getting involved